Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Understanding the Revolutions of 1848:

1. Complete the “Revolutionary Tour of Europe 1848-1849 map handout.  You are welcome to use any website to fill out the mapm, but a helpful one might be:

Use colored pencils to shade each country a different color.

Before you go on to the next task, please show me your map to make sure you have labeled the bodies of water, countries, capitals, and centers of revolt correctly.  You will lose points if you do not show me your map before you leave today!

2. Find out why Russia and Great Britain did not see revolutions occur in their nations, and a write a paragraph about each.

To understand why revolution did not occur in Russia, you may use this website:

To understand why revolution did not occur in Great Britain, you must understand a movement called chartism that was going on there:

(Hint: Think about how reforms occurred in Great Britain and why revolution was not necessary there.)

3. Homework: Complete the above tasks that you did not finish in class.