Links For Teachers


Maps and Map Activities:

Blank maps

Great History Websites:

The Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy

British History

Eyewitness to History

History Learning Site

History Teacher

History Wiz

US History Lesson Plans and Resources

Activities, Simulations, and Lessons:

Academy Curricular Exchange

SCORE History/Social Studies

Classzone Textbook Supplements

Best of history

Teacher Technology:


American History Websites

PBS American Experience

Library of Congress for teachers

American Memory Timeline

American Social History Project: Documentaries

Political cartoons: anti-immigration during industrialization

Digital History

Sample US History DBQs

Debate on ratification of the Constitution

Black History at HarpWeek

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War (PBS: American Experience)

Political cartoons: 19th & 20th century labor

The American 1890’s: A Chronology

Presidential election of 1896

Theodore Roosevelt cartoons (Time photo essay)

Vaudeville entertainment

American in the 1930’s

A photo essay on the Great Depression

Economics Websites

History of money (PBS)

History of money (NewsHour Extra)

History of money (ThinkQuest)

World History Websites

North Korea: The Art of Propaganda

DBQ on European imperialism

DBQ on impact of European imperialism

World War I music

The Corner of the World (WWI, totalitarianism, and modern China)

German Propaganda Archive

1937 Nanking Massacre

World War II (Discovery)

Difference between Yalta and Potsdam

Women in World History: Primary Sources

Remembering the Holocaust

Political cartoons: 1940s, 1950s, & 1960s

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